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Entering the industry in 1988 with its extrusion press, PMS Alüminyum increased its manufacturing capacity by 100% with its second press investment in 1995, making investments on a larger-scale.

Focusing on exports in the following years, our company started its journey abroad with ALUMINUM REED EXHIBITION, where industrial giants meet. Due to the increasing demand with exports, PMS Alüminyum included Turkey's most heavy tonnage press in its production line by making a press investment of 3500 tons. With this investment, it expanded its featured product line and had marked its name among the major league.

With its 4th press investment on 2004 PMS Alüminyum incorporated an innovative technology with an annual production capacity of 14000 tons with its PMS Extrusion Facility and has become a world-class modern facility by renewing itself.

Immediately afterwards, it maintained its pioneering stance by investing in an aluminum plate facility where profile and flat product manufacturing merged under the same roof, BLAZING A TRAIL IN TURKEY in this regard.

P.M.S Alüminyum A.Ş., which started to produce Sheet-Roll in 2006, has also continued to hit the headlines with its industrial innovations, making its mark as the company that has merged extrusion and sheet production under one roof for the first time in Turkey.

With the commissioning of the third casting line in 2012, the company reached to a production capacity of 36.000 tons.

In addition to the sheet perforating line investment for sound insulation walls in 2014, PMS Alüminyum made its product range more value-added with its advanced technology and profile processing facility capable of producing high tonnage.

PMS Alüminyum continued to improve itself by putting into service a 1300-ton fully automatic press instead of the 1250-ton press it renewed in 2015.

In 2016, the company increased its capacity to 24.000 tons with its new 2500 tons of fully automatic press. At present, PMS Alüminyum aims to maintain its quality improvement standards and continues to grow. In 2016, it also started the process of obtaining ISO 16949 certification.

In 2018, the 4th plate casting line was commissioned.

Finally, the factory, which will serve in an area of 100 thousand square meters with its integrated facility planned to be commissioned in 2021, will employ over 1000 people in total. Equipped with modern and latest technology, the facility will put R&D department into use.