Household appliances

Commenced with the use of aluminum in the household appliances industry, high efficient standard proceeds its way without slowing down with the growth of the industry and the preference of aluminum over other alloys.

Aluminum is used on the inner surface of deep freezers thanks to its many features, and enables energy saving with its insulation quality. It is resistant to corrosion. By means of its embossed surface, it regulates the cool air conversion quickly and efficiently. It protects your product against temperature differences, cracking, discoloration, bending, and provides high heat transfer thanks to its conductivity. Aluminum used in the refrigerator evaporators provides heat transfer capacity to your product by providing design flexibility.

Being used as a filter material in motors, electronic devices, aspirators and sensitive industrial products; aluminum delivers great performance by filtering dust, dirt, liquid and gas. With its washable varieties, aluminum is also very advantageous when it comes to cleaning. Being used in the manufacturing of products such as condensers that provide high energy conversion and resource saving, aluminum delivers great performance to your products.

Thanks to its impeccable machinability and mechanical properties, the unit cost of aluminum is considerably low.

We process aluminum, a game-changing element in household appliances with its many features, in parallel with the needs of different companies and put into service with a sense of quality undersigned by PMS.