The construction industry is increasingly gravitating towards more environmentally friendly, useful and aesthetic materials. Aluminum, therefore, is at the top of the list with its environmentally friendly layout. Aluminum's lightness, durability, insulation feature and total cost are also factors that play a role in its preference.

With the increase of modern technology in the construction industry, aluminum became an increasingly demanded material. Different forms of aluminum, such as sheet, extrusion or composite panel, which are encountered in almost every field of technological life, started to be used more and more frequently in architecture.

Aluminum, which can be used in the automotive industry for different purposes – depending on the manufacturing process – is mainly used in visual accessories, vehicle body, and security equipment.

Weighting one third of steel; aluminum offers many advantages in the construction industry with its lightness, corrosion resistance, specific endurance, oxygen impermeable structure, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and its waxy structure. The recycling feature of aluminum is also a key factor for the construction industry. Since aluminum recycling is possible, it requires less energy in the production process compared to ore-based production, thus contributing to the reduction of both global energy consumption and associated atmospheric emissions. Aluminum is also preferred for its fire endurance feature as it does not burn or melt unless it exceeds 650 °C unlike conventional construction materials. It does not cause any smoke or toxic gases when exposed to heat. With this feature, aluminum is defined as an A1 class construction material pursuant to the Europe fire regulations. We, PMS Alüminyum, serve the construction industry in producing profiles and sheets with our extraordinary experience and our technological infrastructure, exactly for these reasons.


  • Facade Systems
  • Sliding Systems
  • Handrail
  • Glazing Balcony/Garden Conservatory
  • Isolation
  • Trapeze
  • Perforated
  • Mosque Dome
  • Ceiling Floor
  • Standing Seam Roof
  • Rainwater Gutter
  • Window Ledge
  • Window Blind