Aluminum is one of the most significant materials used in the transportation industry. Approximately, 25% of the aluminum usage pertains to vehicle production in the automotive industry.

The lighter the vehicle is, the less power it needs to move. It is understood that an aluminum-framed car consumes 1500 liters less fuel during its lifetime compared to other vehicles. This has great benefits both in terms of the economy it will provide for the fuel costs and in terms of the environmental health, reducing the exhaust gas emitted into the atmosphere. Its lightness and resistance to corrosion caused by water and road salt, regardless of its being unpainted or uncoated, makes aluminum a paramount element. Galvanizing, coating or painting may not be necessary for aluminum, which are necessary steps for steel, requiring an additional cost. Aluminum does not rust like steel materials in case the paint is scratched or removed, and retains its corrosion resistance feature. It is also a key element for weight reduction without sacrificing security, comfort and safety.

Aluminum, which can be used in the automotive industry for different purposes – depending on the manufacturing process – is mainly used in visual accessories, vehicle body, and security equipment.

We, PMS Alüminyum, provide our customers with alloyed and exclusively conditioned profiles we produce for the automotive industry, forged profiles, profiles with special tolerances processed in our machining department, security accessories, and exclusively conditioned materials used as heat shields in plates.

Collaborating with the key suppliers of many auto factories in Turkey and Europe, we proceed our way by maintaining our devotedness to providing high-quality services in the automotive industry with the ISO 16949 certificate we received in 2016.

With our material knowledge and experience, we are able to produce special alloys in parallel with the expectations of the automotive industry.


  • Heat Shield
  • Auto Mechanical Parts
  • Vibration Insulators
  • License Plates
  • Body Panels
  • Tailgates
  • Truck Trailer Side Panels and Bodies