Aluminum is in every sphere of life. Without even noticing, aluminum is used in every division in life. Advertising and marketing industry is also another industry benefiting from aluminum.

A significant part of billboards, signboards, direction signs, and plates that we all encounter in our daily life are produced with aluminum. The primary reason is that the aluminum can be used for many years, compared to other metals. Its non-perishable workmanship quality and its rust-proof feature also makes aluminum a prominent material. In large-scaled fields of use such as billboards and traffic signs, especially its lightness and easy portability make aluminum one step ahead of other metals.

We offer quality and appropriate solutions for the needs of the advertising and marketing industry with our sense of quality.


  • Advertising Profiles
  • Direction Boards
  • Billboards
  • Triangular Profiles for Variable Signs
  • Signboards
  • Coated Plates for Gas Stations