We aim to develop high performance products that meet customer expectations at the utmost level with our R&D facility, which will be one of our new investment in Teknosab with the aim of providing innovative solutions to our customers for the research and development of new generation technologies.

In the wake of this vision of ours, we integrate R&D activities and innovation culture to the basis of our development and competition strategies.

Our technological tools to be included in our R&D facility;

  • CMM 3D coordinate measuring instrument (CNC)
  • Tensile testing machine-Zwick Roel 70 KN
  • Spectrometer-Broker
  • Optical measuring device – Ascona
  • Annealing furnace -15-600⁰ C for heat treatment trials
  • Benchtop hardness testing machine (HB)
  • Bakelite retrieval device – Preliminary microstructure examinations
  • Microscope – For microstructure studies