Furniture industry, an ever improving and changing industry, needs different alloys in order to meet the identically changing expectations and needs of people. Aluminum plays an important role in both functionality and design in the furniture industry, which requires a detail-based resolution due to its very nature.

There is a measureless demand for aluminum profiles in many fields of usage in the furniture industry. The furniture industry, which uses many different types of molds for manufacturing, prefers aluminum even more due to its lightness, easily formable structure, its being hygienic and easy to clean and being non-flammable.

On that account, with the ever increasing use of aluminum in the developing furniture industry; we, PMS Alüminyum provide aluminum profile and sheet supply support to the leading companies of the industry.


  • Modular Furniture Profiles
  • Office Separator Profiles and Plates
  • Frame and Shelf Profiles
  • Kitchen Compartment Profiles
  • Decoration Profiles
  • Bench Profiles