The fields of usage of aluminum, its compounds and alloys are beyond measure. It has a wide range of uses; from windows to kitchens, from airplanes to automobile exhaust, from railings to ornaments. Melting the flexibility, ductility, and durability in the same pot; aluminum is an indispensable material for most of the products.

Aluminum is widely used in the machinery industry precisely because of its lightness, corrosion resistance, easy formability, processability, electrical and thermal conductivity, non-flammability, hygienic and economical structure. High strength, weight ratio, resistance to corrosion and ease of processing in machine element applications are some of the outstanding features of aluminum. It is possible to transport large and monolith structures thanks to its lightness. With its ease of processing in precise tolerances, it is possible to produce large parts from standard units. Aluminum extrusion provides great advantages in the production of parts with complex cross-sections.

Offering products for the manufacturing of profiles and plates used in machinery parts, PMS Alüminyum delivers solution on top-quality and workmanship for machinery industry.


  • Machinery Workbench Applications
  • Hydraulic Pump Housing
  • Carpentry Machinery Trolleys
  • Profiles and Plates Used in Machine Parts