PMS plate facility provides the highest quality service to its business partners with its laboratory where all its products are tested, as well as continuous casting lines, cold rolling, annealing furnaces, washing-stretching, slitting and cut-to-length lines. Our machinery;


We have four continuous casting machines within our company.
In our casting lines, 1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX series alloys can be cast up to 1600 mm width. With the commissioning of our 4th casting line in 2019, our plate facility reached a capacity of 40,000 tons of cast coils and 30,000 tons of final product.


Flat and tread products up to 1600 mm width are rolled in our Cold Rolling machine.

Our tread products has three types as follows;

  • Standard 5 bar tread
  • Diamond tread
  • Duet tread.

In line with customer demand, our products can be rolled with automatic thickness control in the range of 6.00 mm-0.18 mm final thickness.

Pressing power of our cold rolling mill is 1800 tons.


We have three annealing furnaces in our company. Recrystallization, recovery and homogenization anneals are performed in parallel with the usage area of the final product.

Deep retractable products can be manufactured via homogenous annealing


Surface cleaning process of final products is carried out in the Washing, Rinsing-Stretch Forming Lines (0.20 mm-3.00 mm) and ideal flatness is achieved via tension rollers.

Classical embossing or diamond-patterned embossing pattern can be applied to the products up to 0.30 mm-1.75 mm thickness and 1500 mm width at customer’s pleasure.

The surface can be completely unlubricated, slightly lubricated or lubricated as per order.


We have two slitting lines in our company.

  • Thin Slitting
    Products between 0.30 mm-1.50 mm thickness can be slit up to 30 mm wide.
  • Thick Slitting
    Rolls between 1.00 mm – 6.00 mm thickness can be slit up to 200 mm wide.

Depending on the customer’s request, foil coating can also be performed on this line


We have two cut-to-length lines in our company.

As per the customer demand, layers up to 6000 mm in length can be cut into sheets by being processed through the levelling rolls in our rolled aluminum cut-to-length machines. Foil-covered or inter-paper layer sheet cutting is performed in demand.


In our 1000 m2 state-of-the-art sheet perforating line, we produce sheet roll and plate sheets in widths between 500 mm and 1500 mm and thicknesses of 0.5-4 mm in 1xxx, 3xxx, and 5xxx alloys in desired hole diameters and dimensions. Our current 300 and 400 ton presses also have fully automatic cut-to-length, straightening and coil winding lines.

With our manufacturing capacity of 120,000 meters per month, we provide first class product supply to 70% of the European sound insulation industry.


Being coated with teflon or enamel, aluminum discs are used in the manufacturing of kitchen utensils; and clamping discs are used in kitchen utensils such as stainless teapots, or saucepans in order to perfect top coat heat conduction. We cover the demands of our customers with extensive mold inventory.